Limited Edition - Winter Dreams - Advent Calendar

Celebrate this holiday with Lady M’s Winter Dreams Advent Calendar. This interactive snow globe features a winter wonderland cityscape of New York City and offers 24 drawers filled with unique gummies and chocolates from the Lady M Bon Bon collection.

Lady M - Snowglobe
Winter Dreams

Lady M's snow globe showcases Santa and his reindeers flying over the Big City. Festive ice skaters and snowmen bring this cityscape to life.

Lady M - Bon bons
Lady M Bon Bon

Red and green drawers with gold foil detail feature chocolates and gummies from Lady M Bon Bon. From Sparkling Teddy Bears to Chocolate Cookie Puffs, each confection is individually wrapped with care.

Lady M - Festivities
Holiday Festivities

Slide off the matching lid to reveal a stunning winter snow globe with two festive holiday scenes.

We are sold out of our Winter Dreams 2020 Advent Calendar.
Thank you so much for your support. See you next year!

Lady M - Winter Dreams Set